What a weekend!

Howdy folks! Sorry I’ve been MIA… been involved in homework… Halfway through my 2nd to last semester… Woo-hoo! 😊

If you hadn’t heard, Tim Tyl, an amazing caller from Texas is in the area. Chuck and I had the pleasure of having him stay with us along his journey this weekend. We were able to travel about with him to a couple of his dances and kick up our heels a bit for once. We also had a great visit with Wesley and Sharon Fenton, who we also enjoyed having in our home. Wes came down to call with us at Double H Saturday night. If you didn’t see the pix of our costumes… Well…… Let’s just say we were Sonny and Cher…. And I wasn’t Cher! Lol

Not too much coming up… I do have a special project I’ll post about soon… Probably when this semester is over, meanwhile Double H is working on teaching some new folks to dance! So come dance with us on the 2nd and 4th Friday 7pm to 930 pm at Wall St Methodist Church in Jeffersonville, IN… We’ll have some new dancers joining us….

Around the corner!