Hello everyone!

Being a caller is not easy. It’s a lot of hard work, commitment and it takes a lot of your time. But, months like this….Well… I’m constantly blessed in this activity, especially from behind the microphone as I get to see so much.  But sometimes, God just likes to show me why he brought me to this activity.

This month, though I’ve been under the weather and my voice is weak and squeaky after a battle with the flu, I was able to keep my schedule and I’m so thankful. I watched generosity explode at a charity dance for a family in need where three squares managed to raise over $1400 to help make a difference for the family. Followed by sharing the mic with my favorite caller and spending time with my home club, seeing them be able to share a meal once again, something long gone since covid. Then an enjoyable dance with another club where we ended up singing Silent Night all together at the end of the dance, and it touched the heart of a couple who had recently suffered a loss and helped to give them comfort (oh my was the Lord working there 😊💜).  And finally, another fun dance, run by a wonderful friend, which gave me the opportunity to sit down and share a meal with everyone, something I rarely do… eat while calling, much less sit down and socialize. And I even get a round dance in when another good friend pulled me into the circle to risk dancing with me! Lol!

This is why I do what I do… Why I love this activity and why I love all of you. Your generosity, your caring hearts, your fellowship with each other, your taking the time to help others learn and feel welcomed, and the love you show every time we gather together. Each of you bless me every time I step up to the mic. I hope I bless you too.

Merry Christmas to you all and to all your family. God bless 🎄💜

See you next year, around the corner…