Hello everyone! Being a caller is not easy. It’s a lot of hard work, commitment and it takes a lot of your time. But, months like this….Well… I’m constantly blessed in this activity, especially from behind the microphone as I get to see so much.  But sometimes, God just likes to show me why he […]

Last class!

Quick update… At 2pm today I will register for my last class at UofL! So excited to see the end of the road coming 😊 Graduation is just… Around the corner!

What a weekend!

Howdy folks! Sorry I’ve been MIA… been involved in homework… Halfway through my 2nd to last semester… Woo-hoo! 😊 If you hadn’t heard, Tim Tyl, an amazing caller from Texas is in the area. Chuck and I had the pleasure of having him stay with us along his journey this weekend. We were able to […]

Outside of SD

Most of you already know that I am working on my bachelor’s degree at the University of Louisville. It’s in HR or specifically Organizational Leadership and Learning-Training. I’m knee deep in my 2nd to last semester! Just three more classes and I am done! I’m planning a big graduation party weekend in May, complete with […]