Hiya folks!  And welcome to the best community and family you could ever belong to!  Our motto in square dancing is “friendship set to music” and you will most certainly find both here.  Great friends and great music.  

Think you can’t do this? Got two left feet? Hey, that was me too! But Square Dancing is dancing for the rest of us…LOL!  So come on out and join the fun.  
I call modern western squares from beginners thru plus (and actively learning to call Advanced).  I travel frequently throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee but love to travel elsewhere when the opportunity arises. 
My favorite part of calling is meeting new friends.  Take a look around my page, check out my calendar or flyer table to see where we might run into each other.  Check out my photos or videos to see what shannigans I’ve been up to with my friends. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about a booking or an event.
Hope to see you across the square! 

- Kristy